Neurodiversity Autism Consultant & Trainer

Neurodiversity Autism Consultant & Trainer

Does your company/organisation need to improve its understanding of people who are on the autism spectrum?

Nathan has high-functioning Autism (Autism Spectrum Disorder) which used to be called ‘Asperger’s Syndrome’.

His 43 years of subject matter experience means Nathan is an ideal Neurodiversity Autism Consultant & Trainer to companies and organisations.

Nathan is a clear articulate confident speaker yet sees and experiences the world very differently to neurotypical people.  His insights and corporate training on ASD is far superior to any trainer who does not have ASD.

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Nathan delivers CPD accredited courses, lectures and workshops to companies/organisations who wish to understand more about people with ASD.

NO FEES for schools, colleagues, universities and select charities ( as not all charities are good)

Autism Consultantancy & Training

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