Personal Profile

Nathan Nagel: Personal Profile

Nathan is married to his wonderful wife, Francesca; they are blessed with an amazing daughter.  They live in Maidenhead, UK and Salerno, Italy. Being a father is his priority, and he always puts his family above work. As a family, they all love to attend karate, and the aim is for all three family members to be black belts.  He is one of those ‘different’ people who takes a 6am ice bath, then goes to the gym, doesn’t drink alcohol and takes his own food out with him. (He can laugh at himself!)

Nathan has a close relationship with his sister and aunty, who work in the family business. Nathan has a wide variety of friends in different countries; he classifies people by their behaviour and not by their gender, race, religion, or other factors.

Nathan was formally diagnosed with high-functioning autism at age 37 and has an unusual mix of high IQ and high EQ. This mix results in a set of cognitive gifts and ‘idiosyncrasies’. Nathan is very direct, very honest and does not see the world like 99% of people (the prevalence of high-functioning autism is 0.5% of the population). He doesn’t have much of a filter, which is why he runs his own company. Some of his gifts are being able to design brilliant commercial strategies and solve complex problems. One of the downsides is that he does not work well with people who suffer from the Dunning-Kruger syndrome.

He knows that he is a ‘work in progress’; he understands his faults, knowledge gaps and weaknesses and is also aware of his mistakes. Nathan is comfortable saying when he is wrong; he believes in being accountable for his actions, saying sorry and, if necessary, putting things right.  He believes that humility and empathy work together as he treats others as he wishes to be treated.

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