Personal Profile

Nathan Nagel: Personal Profile

Nathan is married to his wonderful wife Francesca, they are blessed with a daughter.  They live in Maidenhead, UK and Salerno, Italy. Being a father is his first priority, he always puts his family above work. Furthermore, he has a close relationship with his sister Anna-Lisa working with her in the Fratrem Group Ltd. Nathan has a wide variety of friends in different countries, he classifies people by their behaviour and not by their gender, race, religion, or any other factor.

Nathan is diagnosed as being on the Autistic Spectrum with other neurodiverse differences which he views as ‘side effects of genius’. He dislikes the term ‘disorder’ in ‘autism spectrum disorder’ and believes it should be Autism Spectrum Differences. His autism presents as very high functioning with a high IQ and is an articulate clear communicator.  However he can just be blunt which he is working on. He is exceptionally calm and logical; over the years he has learnt to read other emotions more.  Nathan describes himself as an amplified mirror, if you’re good with him he will be extra good back, yet if you’re bad to him he will amplify that and return it.

He knows that he is a work in progress, he understands his faults, knowledge gaps and weaknesses, and is also aware of his mistakes. Nathan accepts this trait and equally accepts this about others. He believes that humility and empathy work together as he treats others as he wishes to be treated. Nathan is comfortable saying if he is wrong, he believes in being accountable for his actions, saying sorry and, if necessary, putting things right.

When he was younger, he used drugs and alcohol and become both obese and unhealthy.  Aged 30 he decided it was time to get healthy so he went cold turkey and hit the gym. He is now teetotal and an amateur athlete dedicating at least 6 hours a week to intense exercise to keep fit and well for his family.

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