Nathan Nagel profile

  • Part time CEO @ Gamlen Tableting Ltd https://gamlentableting.com/
  • Part time MD @ Middle East Hospital Magazine Ltd http://middleeasthospital.com/
  • Board Adviser @ Neonavitas Ltd http://neonavitas.co.uk/
  • 20 years commercial experience in roles such as BD, GM, SD, MD, COO and CEO.
  • 8 years’ experience as an executive board director.
  • 7 years’ experience with HNW, S/EIS, VCT, VC and PE.
  • Stuying towards becoming an IoD Chartered Director 
  • Extensively connected in the NHS, pharma, biotech, medtech, IT, healthcare and medicine.
  • LinkedIn profile >link<
  • +447760166945
  • 07760166945


Nathan Nagel
Nathan Nagel