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Nathan Nagel profile

  • 20 years commercial experience in roles such as BD, GM, SD, MD, COO and CEO.
  • 8 years’ experience as an executive board director running his own, and others, companies.
  • 6 years’ experience with HNW, S/EIS, VCT, VC and PE.
  • 20% of his clients are in a wide variety of industries and 80% are in lifescience/healthcare.
  • Extensively connected in the NHS, pharma, biotech, medtech, IT, healthcare and medicine.
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  • nathan(at) nathannagel.com
  • 07760166945

Nathan Nagel adds value to SMEs by being contracted on a part time basis to support the board to achieve;

1) Receiving investment funds.
2) Growing the revenue.
3) Increasing operational efficiency through implementing technology.
4) Releasing the CEO from operations to focus on leading the company.
5) Improving net profit through increasing productivity.

Nathan achieves these outcomes for his clients through being hired as either a part time;

A) Chief Commercial Officer - operations, capital funding raising and business development.
B) Chief Operations Officer - managing the infrastructure of the company with ultra-efficiency.
C) Sales Director - strategic sales and marketing to drive revenue.
D) Board adviser - blended role of all of the above.

Examples of commercial work Nathan Nagel supports boards with;

> The Shareholder Agreements ready for the solicitor to sign off.
> The polished and captivating investor executive summary and pitch deck.
> The investment memorandum for potential investors.
> The PM of creating the due diligence pack for investors.
> All the shareholder and board meeting papers for internal and companies house filing.
> All the HMRC, EIS, VCT, VC paper work ready for accountant to sign off.
> Market and competition analysis to discover market opportunities.
> The 1-3-year strategic business plan.
> The 3-12-month operational business plan.
> The strategic and tactical sales and marketing plans.
> Operating and coordinating sales and marketing activities.
> Operating all of the commercial plans in concert.
> Implementing technology, such as cloud for BI, finance, sales, HR, to increase efficiency.
> Implementing corporate operating systems to increase productivity so the net profit improves.

Nathan Nagel
Nathan Nagel

  • nathan(at) nathannagel.com
  • 07760166945